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Colorado Office of Film recognized for highlighting native voices

Never underestimate the power of storytelling. Not only can the art entertain and enlighten, but it helps keep histories alive — both personal and those of a group of people. That’s why the …
Craig Marshall Smith
Quiet Desperation

Sibling is almost like one of the family

My sister and I are unalike. My sister and I are so unalike I required a DNA sample before I agreed to include her in my will. “Cindy” makes lists. She makes lists of the lists she is going to …
Winning Words

2020 might have won, and 2021 has just begun

A friend of mine is an expert in emotional relevance. His name is Alon Zaibert and he writes a terrific blog. In a blog that he wrote just before Christmas, Alon visits the topic of identifying and …
Cate Reade

Restore your health — a lifestyle Rx

Now is the best time to take small steps to improve health and build immune resilience. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 60% of adults are living with one chronic disease …

Craig Marshall Smith
Quiet Desperation

Reality-based greetings as another year begins

Sir Walter Scott said a new year is “The fittest time for festal cheer.” I wish I had it in me. Flipping a calendar page isn’t enough. There’s too much weight and I’m too realistic to …
Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Open enrollment offers choice

Open enrollment offers choice This past year has magnified the importance of school choice. Whether it’s providing more options for in-person schooling or offering different learning environments …

Letter to the editor: Doxxing revealed character

Doxxing revealed character I wish I could say I was surprised to hear about Mark Hall’s doxxing of public health officials, but sadly it’s just another example of the division in this country, …

Letter to the editor: Buck shows unpatriotic side

Buck shows unpatriotic side It should be remembered in 2022 that Congressman Ken Buck joined 125 fellow Republicans in an assault on our democracy by endorsing a futile attempt to overturn the …

Letter to the editor: Dumbing down the youths

Dumbing down the youths I pay an enormous amount of taxes each year to DCSD to educate our youths. Now the district alters the grading system by lowering the standards of the grading system. In my …

Letter to the editor: Kids need in-person learning

Kids need in-person learning “Open the schools,” Dr. Fauci said recently, speaking with a concurring Gov. Polis, echoing what so many of us are pleading. Why then has DCSD gone the opposite …
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